Ukrainian diplomat says his country interested in development of cooperation with Turkmenistan
The relations with independent neutral Turkmenistan is of particular importance for Ukraine, Victor Mayko, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Ashgabat, said. In his article dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Ukraine's independence published by Turkmenistan's mass media outlets the head of the diplomatic mission noted that "Ukraine and Turkmenistan have the great potential for further development of mutually advantageous relations." The ambassador confirmed Kiev's interest in "the long-term cooperation with Turkmenistan in the gas sphere, increasing the capacity of existing routes of Turkmen natural gas exports and construction of new gas pipelines."

As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports, Ambassador Mayko said construction was the most successful spheres of cooperation. "Today, big Ukrainian companies are involved in implementing projects in various spheres of Turkmenistan's economy, including the oil and gas field," the diplomat noted.

"The "turnkey" construction of powerful compressor stations of Yylanly and Deryalyk that play an important role at the international main gas pipeline Central Asia - Center has been completed. The construction of Goturdepe gas lift compressor station will finish soon. It will help increase the output of hydrocarbon resources from the western part of Turkmenistan. The projects on technical re-equipment and modernization of the measuring station Chaloyuk have been implemented. The existing units of all-round preparation of gas at Korpeje field have been repaired and re-equipped."

"Over the past period, both countries have demonstrated their readiness to concede to each other on the one hand and, on the other hand, to find ways to honor their commitments in time," Mayko noted. This, in turn, has promoted the establishment of relations of trust and equal partnership which is a solid foundation for further deepening of bilateral ties."

According to the ambassador, one of the promising areas of cooperation between the two states is humanitarian sphere. He said the issue of holding Turkmenistan culture days in Ukraine and Ukraine culture days in Turkmenistan is being considered now. The number of Turkmen students studying in Ukraine is growing. This year, a quota for Turkmen citizens was increased. 33 boys and girls were sent for study in the Ukrainian higher education establishments free of charge, the diplomat said.