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14.08.06 13:25
Total cost of contracts signed last week at Turkmen commodity and raw materials exchange exceeds US $ 95 million and Manat 25 billion
Last week, the state commodity and raw materials exchange of Turkmenistan registered 49 contracts totaling US $ 95,526 million and Manat 25 billion.

As before, the demand on the part of foreign businessmen for Turkmenistan's petrochemical industry products was very high. As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports citing the press service of the exchange, businessmen from Switzerland, UAE, Iran, Georgia, Afghanistan and British Virgin Islands signed foreign currency contracts for the purchase of gasoline A-80 and A-95, aviation kerosene TC-1, stove oil, base oil SN-180 and SN-350 as well as liquefied gas produced at Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. Singapore and Afghan businessmen purchased diesel fuel L-0,9-62 and L-0,5-62 produced at Seyydi oil refinery. Liquefied gas from Nayyp field was purchased by Iranian and U.S. businessmen.

Hong Kong, Lichtenstein, Russian, Afghan businessmen signed contracts for the purchase of cotton-lint, lint of other sorts, cotton wool and other product. Iranian, Azeri and Belize businessmen bought Portland cement M-400, M-500 and potassium iodide made in Turkmenistan.

Businessmen from the U.S., Estonia, Russian, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, India, UAE and British Virgin Island used Turkmen national currency on deposits worth Manat 25 billion to purchase cotton yarn, Pakistani businessmen - grey fabric and Azeri businessmen - washed Karakul wool.

The U.S., Swiss, Indian, Azeri and Kazakh businessmen purchased a wide range of knitwear. Russian and the U.S. businessmen bought waste of textile and knitwear production. Swiss businessmen also purchased industrial cotton.

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