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An opening ceremony of the new airport was held in Balkanabat, the administrative center of the western region of the country, on November 7, the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports.

The new airport of Balkanabat (former Nebit Dag) now stands 4,5 km to the southeast from the city, in a place protected from mountain foods.

The new airport facility was built by order of the State national service, Turkmenkhowayollary (Turkmen aviation) by Turkish Seje Inshaat we Tijaret A.S. It occupies a total of 3,500 square meters and has a capacity of 200 passengers per hour. The airport facility provides for maximum comfort for passengers and air traffic control personnel.

The U.A.E Decolight Traiding Ltd constructed a runway. It meets all the standards by the ICAO and can receive aircrafts with a tonnage of up to 150 tonnes.

Today, the new airport received the first Boeing-717 aircraft flying from Ashgabat.

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