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Turkmenistan upgrades estimates of gas reserves of South Yoloten field
On the completion of the regular phase of exploration work by specialists of the State Concern "Turkmengeologiya" at Southern Yoloten - Osman fields, there was obtained new geological and geophysical data, in accordance with which the estimate of reserves of these deposits has been upgraded to more than 21 trillion cu. m. of gas.

As the Turkmenistan.ru correspondent reports quoting the State Concern "Turkmengeologiya", new studies have allowed geologists to make a more accurate estimate of the resource potential of the field, which in 2008 was estimated at 14 trillion. cu. m. of gas by independent experts of British company "Gaffney, Cline & Associates."

To fully clarify estimates of the geological structure of Yoloten, Minar, the south-western and north-western part of this group of fields, to finalize estimates of its oil and gas resource potential, as well as to prepare the optimal solutions for their development extra seismic and geological exploration drilling will be needed, the State Concern said.

The State Concern "Turkmengaz" together with foreign companies from China, Korea and the UAE, who are under the service contracts, is currently implementing the project for development of South Yoloten field totaling nearly US $ 10 billion.

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