26.10.10 15:58
Center for restoration of archaeological finds opens in Dushak
A Research-Restoration Center opened at the archaeological base of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Abiverd" in Kaahka district of Akhal province. The center will accommodate specialists of Turkmenistan and France who will work together on the restoration of archaeological finds made in the ancient village of Ulug-Depe near Dushak.

The idea of establishing this center belongs to the French archaeologist, Professor Olivier Leconte, who is now in his tenth year of excavations at this major archaeological monument in Kopetdag band of oases.

Among the finds discovered by the expedition are jewelry, stone and metal ware, thin ceramic pots with ornamental painting, miniature figurines depicting people and animals, as well as murals, stone mosaic panels dating from the II-I millennia BC.

After passing through the full restoration cycle, all findings will be handed over to museum of Turkmenistan.