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19.10.10 15:14
Internet newspaper Turkmenistan.ru marks 10-year anniversary
On October 19, the Russian-English online newspaper "Turkmenistan.ru" marks 10 years since going online. The website www.turkmenistan.ru is maintained by journalists of "Media Service TM" agency. The website was officially registered with the Russian Ministry of the Press. In 2000, it became the first online resource which is fully focused on developments in independent Turkmenistan.

The online newspaper "Turkmenistan.ru" was created to fill in the gap in the Russian and English information spaces, as was the case for Turkmenistan and developments around it. The website was created in the period of time when the word "internet" was treated as a proper name and the number of internet users in Russia did not exceed several million people. Over the past ten years, about 10,000 pieces of news have been posted on the website.

Over this period, the online newspaper "Turkmenistan.ru" has tried a few designs. However, our main objective remains the same, i.e. to quickly and objectively cover various events and processes taking place in Turkmenistan, avoiding extremes. We believe that the wide network of professional journalists in Turkmenistan, financial independence from official structures both in Ashgabat and Russia, cooperation with reputable observers allow us to adequately carry out this mission.

It is symbolic that the first online news was about relations between Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation. Creating an information space around the Turkmen-Russian relations remains one of the main areas of our work. Less than two years after its birth the online newspaper "Turkmenistan.ru" now boasts a considerable amount of daily hits.

The online newspaper "Turkmenistan.ru" has by now developed a permanent audience and took a firm hold in the information space of periodic online media, while its messages are quoted daily by numerous websites and a number of media resources relay news placed by Turkmenistan.ru.

The editorial office of Turkmenistan.ru is grateful to all visitors who use our site as a source of quality, accurate, reliable information on developments in Turkmenistan and around it, to all our sponsors and partners, collaborating with us. We remain open to establishing mutually beneficial relations, to your suggestions and wishes.

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