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Euro 270 million spent for construction of new hotel in Ashgabat
New luxury five-star hotel "Oguzkent" (Country of Oguz) was inaugurated in Ashgabat on October 15. As reported by Turkmen television, it is Central Asia's largest luxury hotel. The hotel is designed for the highest rank guests and major international forums.

"Hundreds of thousands of people gathered this morning at one of Ashgabat's central highways - the Prospect of Neutrality, where the majestic hotel was erected. The hotel's appearance inspires a sense of respectability, solidity and ceremonial grandeur," the state news agency TDH said.

As Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stated at the opening ceremony, hotel "Oguzkent" should become an embodiment of the age-old hospitality of Turkmens, national spirit of peace-loving and good-neighborliness, our openness to the world and willingness to cooperate with all interested countries."

The new hotel has 299 rooms, 14 of them are president class apartments. There is a separate room for the President of Turkmenistan. The roof of the building is equipped with a helipad. The complex boasts a conference center, a fitness center, a spa, pools, free-standing 8-storey hotel and shopping gallery, barbecue-park, tennis courts and other facilities. The hotel worth Euro 270 million was built by French Bouygues company.

The hotel interiors are decorated with elements of oriental dcor and Turkmen carpets, paintings of Akhal-Teke horses, as well as bas-reliefs describing the history of Turkmens.

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