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Director of Hermitage Museum wants to see Ashgabat
The director of the Hermitage Museum, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of Russian Academy of Arts, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of St. Petersburg State University, Michael Piotrowski wants to come to Ashgabat to see its new beautiful architecture, the changed face of the Turkmen capital and get acquainted with collections of national museums.

According to "Neutral Turkmenistan" newspaper, the scientist expressed his wish at a meeting with the director of the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan, Saparmammet Meredov, as part of the first International Congress of CIS and Baltic states "Art museums and preservation of the common cultural space" held recently in St. Petersburg."

"Turkmenistan can be proud of the highest level attention paid to museums in the country. It is evidence of the continuing great tradition when enlightened rulers of medieval Turkmen States protected development of arts and sciences," Michael Piotrowski said. According to him, the art museums are in particular need of patronage.

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