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Epic "Oguznama" about ancestors of Turkmens needs in-depth study
The literary-historical monument "Oguznama" - epic tales about Oguz, their lifestyle and military campaigns, which keeps records of the ancient period of history of Turkmens - is of universal significance that today needs a thorough study.

This view was expressed by scientists from different countries who gathered in Ashgabat to participate in the international scientific conference "Oguznama as a historical and cultural source."

Scientists were unanimous in their opinion that "Oguznama" should be studied by linguists, literary critics, folklorists, cultural scientists, ethnographers and historians, as well as specialists from many other areas of modern science.

The international conference was attended by representatives of academia from nearly 30 countries, including USA, Korea, Romania, India, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan. According to the official report, the main goal of the forum is to conduct an in-depth study, widely popularize and identify sites of historical and literary monument "Oguznama" in the treasury of universal culture.

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