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Turkmenistan to allocate US $ 10 million for development of science
The government of Turkmenistan will allocate funds in the amount of US $ 10 million with the view of strengthening the material-technical base of scientific research institutions of Turkmenistan. This was reported by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a government meeting on October 14.

"Turkmenistan will fully fund all scientific research works that are of priority importance for the development of the national economy of the country," the Turkmen leader said. According to him, production and processing of rare chemical elements such as silicon, which is widely used in the manufacture of microcircuits, solar panels and construction materials are promising areas."

"Our country is well placed to efficiently use alternative energy sources, including solar energy," the president said. In addition, Turkmenistan, according to reputable astronomers of the world, has "very good natural conditions for observation of outer space."

The President also instructed Vice Premier Gurbanmyrat Mezilov to prepare a program of work to introduce scientific research and achievements of modern science in the national economy of Turkmenistan and submit it to the Government.

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