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Turkmenistan launches production of aerated concrete, cotton and polyester fabrics
Two new large-scale industrial facilities were inaugurated in Turkmenistan. These are the plant for production of aerated concrete, located in the town of Ovadandepe, and the plant for production of blended cotton and synthetic yarn, located in Rukhabat district of Akhal province. The facilities have been built by the Turkish company.

It is significant that it is for the first time that these kind of products are manufactured in Turkmenistan, as well as the fact that almost all of the necessary raw materials for production are available in the country. Thus, according to official data, 99.8 percent of the raw materials needed for the production of aerated concrete such as sand, cement, lime and plaster are available in Turkmenistan, and the only raw material that is imported is aluminum powder.

The new factory with the capacity to process approximately 9,600 tons of cotton and more than 5,100 tons of synthetic fiber will produce up to 7 tons of mixed yarn brand "Ring" and more than 6 thousand tons of yarn brand "Open End" per year.

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