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10.10.10 15:08
Dancing fountain in Caspian Sea to entertain tourists of "Avaza"
A theatrical interactive marine fountain opened at Turkmenistan's international seaside resort "Avaza", which is being built on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Together with onshore fountains and an amphitheater for concerts the fountain forms the park area occupying 8 hectares.

Located in the sea at a distance of 185 meters from the shore, the fountain jets can go up to the height of 100 meters. Forty two jets form a water screen with the radius of 26 meters. At night, the marine fountain is illuminated with underwater lights and side floodlights. The dancing fountains can be seen from the viewing platforms located in the sea.

The above part of the fountain complex is made of 13 music, 8 children and 12 decorative fountains. Water cascades frame the main avenue of the park stretching to the sea, where there are also cafes for guests of Avaza.

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