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07.10.10 18:13
New law on Military Duty and Military Service comes into force in Turkmenistan
The new law of Turkmenistan "On Military Duty and Military Service" came into force on October 6. The law provides for "legal regulation of conscription and military service to ensure the fulfillment by Turkmenistan's citizens of their constitutional duty and responsibility to protect the Fatherland."

According to the document passed by the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, male citizens aged between 18 to 27 years are subject to conscription. Citizens recognized unfit for military service on health grounds, those who completed military service or other type of service in the armed forces of another state, citizens with academic rank and several other categories are exempt from conscription.

Deferment can be granted to citizens who were temporarily recognized unfit for military service, engaged in constant caring for relatives in need of assistance, full-time students of higher educational establishments (except for internships and post-graduate studies), secondary vocational schools of Turkmenistan and foreign states, those with two or more children and others. Deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, rural teachers and others are also eligible for deferment.

In case a male citizen of Turkmenistan over the age of 18 years resides temporarily in a foreign country, an embassy (consulate) of Turkmenistan in this country must ensure that this citizen reports to the military commissariat in the place of permanent residence.

Citizens of both sexes aged between 20 to 30 years can be called to compulsory military service. If a citizen is refused the right of compulsory conscription, this citizen can appeal this decision to a higher authority or court.

Female citizens are registered after they have received military profession. Upon reaching the age of 18 and after the first course in a higher military educational establishment, they commit themselves to military service. Female citizens of Turkmenistan may also be trained at the training programs for reserve officers in the military departments at universities. Female citizens are exempt from the regular military assembly.

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