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07.10.10 14:54
Young Astrakhan citizens watch puppet show in Turkmen language
The Turkmen State Puppet Theatre performed "Yartygulak" play at the Theater of Young Spectators of Astrakhan city. The play directed by Y. Durdyeva based on the story by H.Shirov was performed by artists of Turkmenistan as part of the International Festival of Puppet Theaters of Caspian states titled "Caspian shore."

According to the website of the Astrakhan region administration, despite the fact that the tale comes in the Turkmen language, it was understandable to the audience. "We purposely kept the Turkmen language in the play to convey the whole wealth of the national flavor. The play is very dynamic and musical. There were different types of puppets: glove, marionettes, carnival and growth puppets. The sign language, universal language of music, and puppets themselves open to the young theater goes the true art of the puppet theater," representative of the Turkmen delegation D. Khanmamedov said.

The second play "Show Program", brought by the Turkmen puppeteers, also uses different types of puppets. This program was presented at the "Actor's Club", the report says.

It is for the second time that Astrakhan hosts the International festival "Caspian shore". Puppeteers from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and the Caspian regions of Russia such as Dagestan, Kalmykia, as well as Ukraine participate in it.

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