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Turkmen diaspora of Ivanovo city comes together on Remembrance Day
Representatives of the Turkmen diaspora of Ivanovo city held a meeting on October 6 at the House of Nationalities to observe the Day of Remembrance of the devastating 1948 earthquake in Ashgabat. As reported by local newspaper "Rabochiy kray", people recalled the tragedy and heroism of all Soviet people, who built new Ashgabat.

"Today, Ashgabat cannot be recognized, Maksat Achilov, head of Ivanovo's youngest Turkmen family (only one year old) told the newspaper. It is often called a "white city". This is an oasis on the border between mountains and a desert that glitters with whiteness of marble and countless fountains. The only survivor - a textile plant tower with a watch showing the time of the earthquake and a monument to victims of the earthquake - reminds us of the tragedy. Among victims were Ivanovo residents, their relatives and friends, who arrived in the republic to work at the new factories."

Ivanovo and Ashgabat share a common history. In Soviet times, Turkmen cotton fed Ivanovo plants, and the city of brides often sent its best specialists to the capital of Turkmenistan to raise the local textile industry. Joy and sadness of that great country were common to us, "Rabochiy kray" said.

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