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06.10.10 01:07
Central Asian countries propose to revise Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Turkmenistan's permanent representative to the UN Aksoltan Ataeva invited the UN member-states to strengthen the legal barriers to nuclear proliferation. According to the Russian service of the UN Radio, speaking in the First Committee of the General Assembly on behalf of five Central Asian states, she recalled that the Treaty establishing a nuclear-free zone in the region came into force in March last year.

With the view to further strengthening the nonproliferation regime Aksoltan Ataeva on behalf of the Central Asian countries called for the review of the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. "We must recognize that this agreement became asymmetrical. It provides for sanctions only against non-nuclear states. However, if the nuclear powers call for a ban on developing nuclear weapons, they themselves should become an example of reduction and renunciation of the nuclear arsenal," she said.

Turkmenistan's ambassador also recalled that the countries of the region need help to deal with the ecological implications of uranium mining and nuclear testing.

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