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Village of Kipchak to become center of mourning ceremonies on October 6
Turkmenistan is preparing for the mourning ceremonies to mark the 62nd anniversary of the 1948 tragic earthquake in Ashgabat. Speaking at a regular government meeting, Governor of Akhal province of Turkmenistan Dangmyrat Myratberdiyev said that this year's major events dedicated to the National Day of Remembrance will be held in the village of Kipchak on October 6, which is a day-off, the Turkmenistan.ru correspondent reports.

As is known, one of the most powerful earthquakes in the world struck Ashgabat and its suburbs at 1 hour 12 minutes on the night of 6 October 1948. The earthquake's intensity reached 10 points. 176,000 people died in the Ashgabat earthquake.

It should be recalled that earlier this year it was decided to build a new memorial to the victims of the earthquake of 1948.

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