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29.09.10 16:18
Countryside family from Dashoguz province celebrates birthday of triplets
Ogulsapar Halbaeva, resident of Abadanlyk gengeshlik of Gubadag district of Dashoguz province of Turkmenistan, bore triplets - two sons and a daughter at the center of maternal and child health "Ene Myahri". According to Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper, three newborn kids owe their birth to qualified experts of "Ene Myahri" center which was inaugurated in Dashoguz in May this year.

The countryside family of Ogulsapar Halbaeva and Vepa Amanmyradov now boasts six children. The younger son, Sohbet, daughters Aynur and Aydzhahan rejoice the birth of their two brothers and the sister. Charming kids were named in tune with modern times - Galkyn, Altyn, Zaman (deriving from the words "revival", "gold", "time"), the newspaper said.

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