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27.09.10 12:17
Turkmenistan to supply 3 billion cubic meters of gas more to Iran annually
A complex of facilities intended for collection, preparation and transportation of natural gas via the interstate natural gas pipeline Turkmenistan - Iran (Korpedzhe-Kurt Kui) was put into operation in the southwest of Turkmenistan. This major investment project will increase gas export potential of Turkmenistan up to 3 billion cubic meters of gas a year.

The facilities worth about US $ 40 million were erected at Keimir, Akpatlawuk and Chekishler oil and gas fields in Esenguly district. There were installed equipment from the companies "Pall GmbH" (Germany), "Enex Process Engineering SA" (Belgium), "Schneider Electric" (France-Germany) and others. Under the terms of the contract, the partners will maintain warranty service and conduct training of national staff for one year.

The throughput capacity of the pipeline Turkmenistan - Iran, which now stands at 6 billion cubic meters of clean-fuel per year, may be increased to 14 billion cubic meters in the long term.

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