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24.09.10 20:02
International book fair opens in Ashgabat
Publishers and printers of Turkmenistan have reached a new level of international cooperation in their field. The most obvious case in point was the opening in Ashgabat of the fifth international book exhibition-fair under the motto "The book is the way to cooperation and progress."

This time, Turkmen forum of book publishers brought together a record number of participants - more than nine dozen organizations and companies from twenty-five countries.
The achievements of Turkmen publishers that were made literally in the last year or two take a worthy place in the multilingual and high-profile company of exhibition participants. A variety of textbooks in the Turkmen and Russian languages, reprinted works of the classics of the Turkmen and foreign literature, colorful photo albums and gift books - all these products are comparable by their quality with the best foreign samples.

During the past year, the country virtually abandoned imports of printed products, moving to full self-sufficiency in textbooks and other high-volume print production. Today's publishing capacity of Turkmenistan makes it possible not only to fully provide schools with textbooks, printing annually up to 130,000 copies, but also use it to fulfill big orders from neighboring countries. Turkmenistan is now ready to offer its services as the major international and regional publishing center.

The exhibition clearly demonstrated that colleagues from other countries take a highly professional interest in the capacity of Turkmen publishers. Specialists of the global publishing business today tend to treat Turkmen colleagues as respectable partners, teaming up with which can help solve the most complex tasks.

By tradition, every year the Ashgabat International Book Forum gives priority to one of the countries with which the Turkmen side has the experience of active cooperation. This year, the Ukrainian exhibition was given the priority of the guest of honor. However, Russia still dominates by the total number of companies coming from one country to the main exhibition center in the Turkmen capital (thirty-six publishing houses and printing companies).

No wonder that among the foreign companies exhibiting their products in Ashgabat the most representative is the Russian Federation. Russian language remains in general use in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan knows well and respects Russian literature.

The process of numerous informal contacts and creative exchange of ideas that often goes far beyond the limits of pure business interest, which is natural for this kind of exhibitions, became a sort of business card of the book forum in Ashgabat.

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