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Turkmenistan to stay loyal to its neutral status
Turkmenistan's neutral status marking its fifteenth anniversary this year and recognized by the international community prevented the country from being drawn into any forms of regional rivalry and did not let anyone use the Turkmen military and economic potential on its side in potential conflicts. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said about that in his interview to the local mass media.

"Having become an independent state, Turkmenistan made its sovereign choice in favor of the neutral foreign policy model. Despite the permanently changing political situation, emergence of regional and global configurations, our country is loyal to this choice based on the clear understanding of its role and place in the contemporary world," he stressed.

"At the global level, we have succeeded in building stable partnership relations with major powers and main global centers - the USA, Russia, China and the European Union. In the regional context Turkmenistan has established friendly and equal relations with countries across its borders and other neighbors in the region," noted the president in the interview.

"I remember quite lively the debates among politicians, diplomats, journalists following the emergence of the first neutral state in the person of Turkmenistan on the geopolitical map of Asia. Although the majority has accepted this fact positively, there were some views on the likelihood of Turkmenistan's "self-isolation", its dropping out from the participation in international affairs. The time has shown that such, in fact farfetched, forecasts did not come true and were refuted by the real deeds," emphasized the head of state.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov recalled Turkmenistan's participation in the settlement of the complicated social and political situation in Tajikistan in 1995-1996, as well as the country's participation in peacemaking efforts of the United Nations in peaceful political resolution of civil confrontation in Afghanistan in late 1990s.

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