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15.09.10 14:16

Suleiman Atamamedov participates in International Symposium of Sculpture CIS countries
Atamamedov Suleiman, 26-year-old artist from Ashgabat, 6-year student of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan, took part in the International Symposium of Sculpture of the CIS countries, which was organized with the support of the Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Fund of the CIS countries.

He practiced for a month together with other young talents at the art workshop of the People's Artist of Russia, Alexander Burganov, attended master classes in visual arts, lectures by famous artists and sculptors of Russia, visited museums, exhibition halls, galleries and art colleges.

The symposium culminated yesterday at the museum "House of Burganov" in the center of the Russian capital in an exhibition of works created during this month by students of art collages from countries of CIS, France and Belgium.

The Turkmen sculptor presented a work in bronze that he named "good neighborliness". According to Atamamedov, depicting in a symbolic crescent-shaped way two women in national garments who hold in their hands a common cup, he wanted not only to express himself as an artist, but also talk about the national holiday of Turkmenistan - the Day of Good Neighborliness, as well as about his country's foreign policy aimed at strengthening international cooperation.

In addition, the museum "House of Burganov" hosted under the open sky an exhibition of portraits that young artists are molded on each other. According to feedbacks from all the participants, they not only acquired new skills and got the influx of inspiration in the past month, but also expanded their knowledge in the field of fine art and got real friends.

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