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27.07.10 17:37

MTS launches project on use of alternative sources of energy in Turkmenistan
Specialists "MTS Turkmenistan" company have launched the first platform using a set of alternative sources of power (ASP) to provide remote settlements in eastern Turkmenistan with mobile communication. The set is located in Koytendag district of Lebap province, near the villages of Koiten and Gurshunmagdan in the territory of National Park "Koytendag".

According to the press center of the company, settlements with more than 9 thousand people that are very popular with tourists are located in the picturesque valley of Koiten, the two sides of which are covered with a big mountain range. Two wind turbine and solar panels were installed in the natural rising ground. Compared with the traditional methods of power supply, the ASP set is fully self-contained, using solar and wind energy.

As the company noted, "MTS Turkmenistan" plans to continue the further implementation of ASP to provide communications between remote settlements located in remote parts of Turkmenistan.

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