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23.07.10 12:36
Turkmenistan joins the world's twenty happiest countries
According to the Gallup World Poll, Turkmenistan jointed the world's top twenty happiest countries, leaving behind the CIS countries, as well as Germany, France and Japan. Turkmenistan has taken the 18th place, next to the Great Britain, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. According to Forbes, 52 percent of respondents surveyed in Turkmenistan admitted that they were totally happy, and only 1 percent of respondents said that they suffered. Denmark is on top of the happiest countries, followed by Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Researchers of the Gallup surveyed thousands of respondents in 155 countries, between 2005 and 2009. They asked subjects to reflect on their overall satisfaction with their lives, and asked questions about how each subject had felt the previous day. Other than this, respondents were asked to rate if they felt well-rested, respected, free of pain and intellectually engaged.

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