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14.04.10 21:34
Turkmen Foreign Ministry calls MSF report 'provocation'
The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan issued a statement for press in connection with the promulgation of a report titled "Turkmenistan's opaque health system" by the international medical humanitarian organization "Doctors without Borders".

According to the Foreign Ministry, this report is based on "biased materials and biased". "In fact, the authors of the aforementioned report sought to discredit Turkmenistan through intentional dissemination of false information about the health system of the country," - the statement says.

In this regard, the Ministry said that Turkmenistan has a "unique and well-functioning public health system, which over the years of independence proved to be accessible and efficient." The statement outlines measures taken by Turkmenistan over the past 15 years as part of the state program "Saglyk" (Health) to improve the national health system and ensure a high level of care for the population.

"An important part of public health policy is a consistently implemented strategy to reduce morbidity of the population, the press release says. Turkmenistan is among the states that are successfully carrying out immunization activities and occupying a leading position in the region in terms of availability of vaccines and immunization." It is noted that the vaccination is free of charge and paid from public funds.

The statement also says that "the fact that Turkmenistan is among a few countries where HIV infection and AIDS disease did not spread is the result of a successful international partnership for prevention of HIV infection."

According to the statement, Turkmenistan has taken progressive steps to further expand cooperation with reliable foreign partners in the field of health, prevention and successful treatment of diseases, development of medical science and widespread introduction of innovative methods and technologies.

The Turkmen side expressed astonishment over the fact that the international medical humanitarian organization "Doctors without Borders", which has been present in Turkmenistan since 1999 and implemented a number of projects in health sphere in close partnership with the Government of Turkmenistan "has got involved in unfriendly actions towards the country."

The Foreign Ministry expressed strong protest against actions of "Doctors without Borders", which "in defiance of the common sense grossly distort the objective reality" in the field of health in Turkmenistan and described these actions as provocative and counterproductive.

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