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14.12.08 18:45
Final turnout of voters in parliamentary election in Turkmenistan reaches 94%
The election of deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of the fourth convocation ended at 2118 polling stations at 1800. 93,87% of all registered voters cast their ballots by the closing time, the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan said.

Of them, 273,409 (98,37%) voters voted in Ashgabat; 408,240 (98,27%) - in Akhal province; 230,689 (96,20) - in Balkan province; 524,040 (90,02%) - in Dashoguz province; 569,843 (95,94%) - in Lebap province; and 588,437 (89,89%) - in Mary province.

In total, 2,594,658 (93,87) voters participated in the election in Turkmenistan.

These are preliminary data. Final results will be announced after all votes have been counted, including those cast abroad.

The full scale monitoring of the election was conducted by national and more than 40 international observers coming from the CIS executive committee, inter-parliamentary assembly of CIS countries, national parliaments and diplomatic corps of CIS countries. International observers highly rated the parliamentary elections in Turkmenistan.

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