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23.09.08 17:35
Turkmenistan to plant 3 million trees
Three million trees will be planted in Turkmenistan as part of the next phase of tree planting. The Green Belt of the Turkmen capital will grow by 845 hectares of land planted with trees. New trees will be also planted in 4800 hectares of virgin land of Ak Bugday and Geoktepe districts. 625 trees will be planed in one hectare.

Preparations for a new tree planting campaign are currently under way in Turkmenistan, Gek Gushak joint-stock company said. Gek Gushak is the main body for coordination of planting and irrigation of trees in Turkmenistan. Planting areas are being landscaped, soil is being prepared and water wells for irrigation of trees are being drilled.

Green zones are being created at the expense of ministries and establishments, organizations and residents of Turkmenistan. Tens of millions of trees have been planted in the country since the start of the programme of the large-scale tree planting. New parks and squares and big forest parks have been also created over this period.

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