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03.02.08 15:54
Turkmenistan intends to increase prestige of international prize named after Makhtumkuli
"With a view to increasing the prestige of the International Prize named after Makhtumkuli" the president of Turkmenistan has signed a decree approving the new composition of the respective committee for awarding international prizes. As the Turkmenistan.ru's correspondent reports quoting the press service of the head of state, the director of the national museum of Turkmenistan, Ovezmuhammet Mammetnurov, has been appointed chairman of the committee.

The committee also includes Oguljeren Ishanguliyeva, artist of the state drama theatre of Turkmenistan (the committee's deputy chairman); Khudaynazar Amangeldiyev, rector of the Turkmen national conservatoire; Annamyrat Poladov, editor-in-chief of "Turkmenistan" newspaper; Annagurban Ashyrov, chairman of "Miras" national center of cultural heritage of Turkmenistan; Gyzylgul Kyyasova, director of the institute of language and literature named after Makhtumkuli at the supreme council for science and technologies under the president of Turkmenistan; Orazmammet Vasov, head of the department of forecasting of scientific researches and development of international relations of the supreme council for science and technologies under the president of Turkmenistan; Chary Nazarov, director of the clinical research center of mother and child healthcare named after Gurbansoltan Eje of the ministry of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry of Turkmenistan; Danatar Hydyrov, conductor of the national music and drama theater named after Makhtumkuli, Allamyrat Esenov, editor-in-chief of "Bereketli Toprak" newspaper; Jumadurdy Annaorazov, head of the world history chair of the Turkmen state university named after Makhtumkuli; Suleiman Ilamanov, head of a department of "Edebiyat ve Sungat" newspaper; Sona Yazova, editor of a sector of "Turkmenistan" TV channel" of the General Directorate of Turkmen TV; Babasary Annamyradov, chairman of the painters association; Saragt Babayev, sculptor.

The new committee for awarding international prizes held its first meeting on February 2.

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