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About Hairy mongrels and other life
After the recent publication of my article "Do not do much harm..." Boris Shikhmuradov who is presently hiding named me "hairy mongrel" in his interview to himself published on the pages of online oppositional edition. Shikhmuradov's Tendency to zoo-terminology is well known - earlier he named Turkmens "mobs" and the Turkmen leaders of various levels - "cattle" and "pigs". Now, he decided to pick up a name for my modest person. As it is known, hairy mongrel - is a little watch-dog, which is ready to serve to anyone who suggest it a good peace of bone.

Yet one year ago Boris Shikhmuradov vow fidelity to the Turkmen president Niyazov. Now, he has changed his policy and started yapping on Niyazov, preliminary stepping back on safety distance.

As for me, I did not come around to a different view. Therefore, nick "hairy mongrel" is more suitable not to my person but to Boris Shikhmuradov. It is necessary to flick sometimes to their noses, and I will do that, regardless my peaceful nature and allergy caused during the contacts with domestic animals.

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